I see you, Sweet Mama

I see you, Sweet Mama…. I see you.

I see you posting pictures of your baby belly, patiently awaiting the arrival of your sweet baby. I see you Sweet Mama.

I see you sharing the first most magical moments of your new life with this precious tiny bundle of joy. I celebrate with you because I know the joy and excitement you are feeling. I see you sweet Mama

I see your beautiful smile, but in the back of your mind you’re absolutely scared to the core of your inner being. It’s okay, Sweet Mama, I see you.

I see your first days at home pictures. The cute outfits and the perfectly placed bows on their head. I see you Sweet Mama.

I see your husbands first day back to work post. Am I doing this right? Is my baby okay if I set her down for 2 minutes while I use the bathroom? I need to wash the load of laundry we’ve made today, how do I work this baby carrier? Can she breathe? I see you Sweet Mama.

I see your post about your baby’s days and nights being mixed up. What can I do to help? I am absolutely exhausted and I cannot remember one piece of advice I was given over the past 9 months. I see you Sweet Mama.

I see you as your entire life is changed, flip flopped, turned upside down. This tiny human who is relying on you for every single need at this moment. You are doing everything in your power to make sure your sweet baby is well taken care of, fed, bathed, happy and content. I see the look of pure exhaustion in your face, it’s familiar I know it well. I see your fear, am I doing this right? Are you too hot? Too cold? Do you need your diaper changed again? Do you already need to eat again? Am I doing this wrong? Why is she sleeping so much? Is she sleeping enough? Am I enough?

YES, you are… you are incredible, you are amazing. You may not know everything at this moment, but you are enough for this precious and perfect tiny human being. You are a GOOD MAMA and you will get through the long nights and explosive poppy diapers, cluster feeding, sleeping stretches that may seem like they will never wake. You will get more than 2 hours of broken sleep again one day. You will be able to wake up ahead of your baby one day and enjoy a divine cup of coffee that fills your soul full of warmth and gives you the confidence and energy to take on the day. The years are short and the days are long Sweet Mama, these are the years that flash before your eyes and you turn around and you’re celebrating 1st Birthdays then 1st days of Kindergarten and 1st Day of Dance class. I see YOU, Sweet Mama…I see YOU.

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