A sacred phone call….

Have you ever told anyone. Call me if you need anything? I’m here for you if you need me. I do this often, and I mean it. I don’t ever say this to someone if I don’t mean it. Today I received a phone call… yes, THE phone call. I hear a cracking, tearful voice on the other end. I knew immediately who it was before she even said who she was. I immediately stood up and gave this phone call my full attention. This was important, she trusted me enough to save my phone number after several years and I was a safe place for her. I have never been on the receiving end of a phone call like this before. I knew I had to help. I was very calm and listened to her & when she asked me to help I told her absolutely and I would do anything for her and I went to work. I worked out all the details, spoke with my husband. Called a trusted family member I knew would know the answer to my questions of what I needed to do to help her. I was scared, I knew in my soul, in this moment I would make sure the mountains were moved and I would make this happen. I’ve never wanted to reach into my phone and hug someone the way I did today. Wether it’s Grief, Postpartum Depression or any reason what so ever, if you’ve reached out to someone in your circle in a moment of desperation looking for help, you are STRONG & you deserve a standing ovation cause it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I’ve been there, more than I even want to admit. I have always felt, if you have the means and ability to help someone you should. I try to live by this. It may be something as small as a smile, a monetary donation to a Fund account, a meal to a family in your community. No act of kindness is ever too small. Ever. If you find yourself on the other end of that phone and you’re reaching out asking for help, do not feel like your a bother, do not feel ashamed. Your courage is admirable.

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